Please contact the spa at 704-856-8032 or either of the Massage Therapists (noted below) to schedule your private TaylorMade session.


30 Minute Swedish Massage 

60 Minute Swedish Massage 

90 Minute Swedish Massage

120 Minute Swedish Massage




***Specialty Massage***

30 Minute Reflexology Massage

60 Minute Reflexology Massage  

60 Minute Prenatal Massage

30 Minute Custom Massage with Medi-Cupping

60 Minute Custom Massage with Medi-Cupping 


30 Minute Deep-Tissue Massage  

60 Minute Deep-Tissue Massage  

90 Minute Deep-Tissue Massage  

120 Minute Deep-Tissue Massage


30 Minute Neuromuscular Therapy  

60 Minute Neuromuscular Therapy  

90 Minute Neuromuscular Therapy 

120 Minute Neuromuscular Therapy




***A La Carte Massage Services***

Couples/Tandem Massage

15 Minute Chair Massage

*Chair Massages available for events




We have two gifted Massage Therapists on staff to provide excellent therapeutic massages as well as pampered, relaxing bodywork.  


Theresa Nowlin, LMBT      Phone: 704-584-9331

      Website: Agape Massage Therapy    



Kayla Wilson, LMBT      Phone: 704-762-4633 

Website: Hands of Grace Massage